Athtek Skype Recorder

Athtek Skype Recorder 7.3

Record Skype calls as high-quality audio or video files

If you ever wanted to keep a recording of your conversations with your loved ones and friends or of your business interviews via Skype, Athtek Skype Recorder is an excellent option to consider. It can record any Skype call or video conference with just one click of your mouse, keep them as an MP3, WAV, FLAC, Ogg, or WMA audio file or as a high-quality AVI video file, and even transfer them to a server without leaving the program. Its nice-to-look-at and easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect Skype recording tool for all types of users.

Actually, Athtek Skype Recorder is much more than just an audio and video recording tool – it comes with a comprehensive set of recording management utilities that will allow you to determine which audio and video calls will be recorded or not, which contacts will trigger the recording process automatically, launch it at startup, or even run in stealth mode to record Skype calls unnoticed. This last option has been designed as a truly useful complement to other parental control policies and tools.

The program’s interface is attractive and intuitive – it comes with two clearly-identified big red buttons to start recording either audio of a Skype call or a full video of a Skype session. The video recording button supports also drag-and-drop, allowing you to define which section of the Skype window you want to be recorded whenever you don’t need a video of the entire Skype interface. You don’t need to receive a video call to record a video of your Skype session, as the program can be set to record AVI files of your voice calls as well. The video output size, sampling rate, and level of compression are fully configurable, as well as the hotkey assigned by default to the recording process.

Each of the compressed-audio encoders (MP3, Ogg, WMA, and FLAC) support a certain level of customization, which will allow you to define the compression level, the sample rate, etc. You can define which voices you want the program to record, and in how many files – thus, you can have a recording of your voice only, of your contacts’ voice only, or of the entire conversation. Likewise, you can have different audio files for your voice and that of your contacts’, or in different tracks on a multi-track audio file.

The possibilities are manifold, and this high level of flexibility adds to the program’s intuitive interface and high-quality video and audio recordings. All of these features make Athtek Skype Recorder a serious option to take into account when looking for a versatile and reliable Skype recording tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-click recording
  • Easy and attractive interface
  • High-quality video and audio recordings
  • Fully-configurable audio and video settings
  • Records chats with selected contacts automatically
  • Uploads recordings to the designed server


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